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Utopiverse Network was founded on a premise of reinventing and rebuilding the Minecraft community, ever since the Bedrock engine came out with the addition of addons to the games this allowed many servers and players to do what we're doing in terms of bringing classic games along with new games. We're trying to bring Minecraft: Java Edition right up to the starting line to compete with Bedrock Edition and keep the community alive so we don't see it shutdown.
Be careful for all actions have a price, we want to make this community to feel safe and play fair and compatiable with bedrock edition.
Bedrock Supported
With a brand new geyser system added into the mix you can play on this server on any platform of bedrock edition.
We want to bring classic games with original mechanics while making custom games with unique mechanics.
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Want to get more involved? We provide our players with many ways to stay active, or to get more active. Maybe you want to Partner with Utopiverse, or you enjoy our features as much as we do, so you care to Invest. If partnering and/or investing is not your thing, becoming apart of the staff team can be very beneficial as well! Our Management Team trains our staff members to be current with Minecraft methods and techniques as well as techniques to provide a respectful yet successful community. Contact our staff team if you are considering getting involved. Staff applications can be found on our website!